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Spotlight Items

Crystal Clear Diamonds

With 40 years of glass manufacturing technology in Taiwan, Hanssplus creates glass knobs through the hands of well experienced glass craftsmen

Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5001-R01-PB_mn14
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5002-R01-PB_mn12
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5003-R01-PB_mn12
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5004-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5006-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5007-R01-PB_mn11

Spotlight Items

Dazzling Luxury Style Handles

Strict quality control has created Hanssplus’s reputation in this industry. You will not see any bubbles or flaws in these products, nor the problem of connection between glass and brass base

Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5009-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5010-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5011-R01-PB_mn12
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5016M-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5013-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5017M-R01-PB_mn11

Spotlight Items

Classic Antique Hardware

Hanssplus selects brass raw materials from well-known brands, and each batch of raw materials has a material inspection certificate to ensure the quality of the products

Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5017S-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5015-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN5018S-R01-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Knobs_DKN3003-R02-PB_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Cabinet Handles_CHA4004M_mn13
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Handles_DHA5019-R01-PB_mn13

Our Super Clients

Our worldwide famous brand customers trust us. We truly listen to them. They let us know what they want and we support them with heart

Spotlight Items

Forever Trend Matte Black

Hanssplus ensure the consistency of Matte Black color between them, you can pick and combine into your own product line

Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Handles_DHA1005-01-BL_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Handles_DHA1007-02-BL_mn13
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Handles_DHA1008-02-BL_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Handles_DHA1009-01-BL_mn13
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Sliding Door Handles_DCS2005-04-BL_mn11
Hanssplus_Mayfair_Door Hinge_DHI2001_mn14

Contact Hanssplus

We understand, respect and value our customers worldwide, taking an interest and the time to listen for supporting you the best we could do. Please feel free to tell us what you need, we will get back to you very soon.


1F., No. 54, Ln. 407, Jilin Rd.,Zhongshan Dist.,Taipei City 10457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

What's APP : +886-918831128

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What We Do Today

The Hanssplus’s hard work can be found in our faster delivery,
much higher quality and better prices

The Wisdom of Ancestors’ Heritage,

With 30 years of experience in the master’s craftsmanship, Hanssplus gains good control over kiln temperature and liquid metal casting.

A 3000-Years Aesthetic of Life,
Kiln Casting Glass

The quality of the glass handle depends on the proportion of the raw material composition, the precise of the temperature control for kiln fire, the quality of the mold design and the most important – the experience and craftsmanship of Hanssplus’s glass craftsmen.

Synonymous with Precision,
CNC Machining

Hanssplus can be conducted by a single machine to reduce the cost. It can help customers to manufacture and produce all kinds of high-precision parts quickly.

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